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Welcome to my blog, here I'll discuss goodness knows what but mostly I hope to discuss my photos that I've taken and in some cases played around with. I hope you all like what you see and please feel free to leave any comments which as always are very much appreciated and big thanks for all those kind enough to leave them.

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Friday, 25 July 2008

Sky Watch Friday - Up In the Clouds

Please visit Skywatch Firday to see what we are all about and to view all the other wonderful Skywatch Friday blog entries they are well worth taking the time out to view.

This is my first week of Skywatch Friday, I hope you like what you see.

The last couple weeks have been a very hectic one for me, what with the end of the school term for my son Callum (his first year at school, boy has that flown by) and then his 5th birthday which the celebrations went on for days for. Still somehow I've managed to get a few clicks at the beautiful sky.

We had a mix bag of weather, torrential rain, beautiful sunshine then storm clouds. All these photos were taken from our back garden during Callum's 5th Birthday Party.

Monday, 14 July 2008

Something Different

While blog surfing today I came across a fabulous blog called Katney's Kaboodle which you should really check out as it has all sorts of fun and interestingness. While there I noticed that she had on her sidebar a six word memoir. Now a few months ago a friend (Coffee Betsy) who blogs about her amazing running skills and her family life set a meme test to a group of us that blog at Bad Genious , which is a blog about comics and their surrounding culture, this meme was the same six word memoir. So I thought it would be fun to see what everyone elses six word memoir would be. Please feel free to leave yours in the comments.

As for mine I had:

Chocolate made my bum this big.

Friday, 11 July 2008

Photos of the Week

I really don't know where the days go, we've had a few days of sunshine so I've tried to make the most of that in the garden, plus there is the school run and just general family life, all good, in fact all awesome! Anyway though it is no excuse for being lax in my blogging. As I've been a little lax in my blog posting though I decided this morning that I would try and do a new theme on my blog which would be a handful of my favourite photos I've taken during the week. I'll try to get them uploaded and an entry done by each Friday and hopefully I will have time to explain why I like these ones in particular. I'm hoping it will help with a few things (1) to get me taking more photos which in turn will (2) get to me to try out more settings and experiments with my camera and hopefully also (3) this will lead to me blogging more which in turn hopefully will (4) get my lazy butt in gear to check out other blogs I've looked and and like and leave comments. There's a lot of hopefully's in there but hopefully I'll keep to them.

So as this is the first week and I've had a bit of a busy week I thought I would use photos that weren't necessarily taken this week but just offloaded, or should that be downloaded or even uploaded... oh whatever... photos taken off my camera and put on my coolgirlsar flickr account and/or my littlemonstercallum photobucket account over the last couple weeks.

First up is Genie the Elephant. It's not a hugely great shot but it makes me smile. Genie is Callum's (that's my son) class pet Elephant and each child gets to take Genie home and then write in the diary about what they did. It so happened that when we had Genie it was lovely and sunny (yes I know how strange for England!). Upon getting home, Callum put on his shorts and t-shirt, grabbed Genie and headed out to the garden. Next thing I see is Genie sitting sunbathing, Callum said that Genie didn't want to play with mud and get dirty but sunbath as he didn't get to spend much time outside. I just thought it was cute.

Next up is a shot of a Lego truck with Indiana Jones in it. I love how I've managed to capture even his stubble... plus even in Lego form Lego form Indy is still tres hot! Phwaorrhhh!. Ahem, ermm yeah sorry about that.

Lastly it's a cloud photo. I love cloud spotting and seeing what objects you can make out in clouds. With this photo I experimented with my manual mode on my DSLR I think it was the first time so was quite happy with how the photos turned out. This one reminds me of two little legs going for a run.