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Welcome to my blog, here I'll discuss goodness knows what but mostly I hope to discuss my photos that I've taken and in some cases played around with. I hope you all like what you see and please feel free to leave any comments which as always are very much appreciated and big thanks for all those kind enough to leave them.

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Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Project 365

At the end of last year I decided to this year embark on a photo challenge. Flickr where I host pretty much all of my photos has many wonderful groups and there are plenty there with challenges, most notably the 365 Days group. I did a few times last year try to do those but the main part was that you had to have yourself in some form in the photo and that I found hard to do. This year though thanks to an online friend I heard about the
Project 365 Group.
This sounded more up my street as I didn't have to be in the photos. So here I am Day 22 into Project 365 and enjoying it but also finding it challenging to find something to photography. It's making me think more about what I want to photograph and how I'm going to go about photographing the days subject. Now all I have to do is keep at it for a lot more day.

If anyone wants to have a look you can find my photos in My Project 365 Set. Each day I add the photo of the day to the set so you can easily keep up to date with how I am doing.

I just hope the weather picks up soon as I'm starting to run out of things to photograph around the home.