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Wednesday, 19 November 2008

C is for Child and D is for Dog F is for Flower and H is for Halloween

As some may have noticed I've been very lax in keeping up with my blog lately, I really don't know where the time has gone and even though I've had a bit of time to take photos it hasn't been that much. So not wasting any more time here are some of my latest photos. Fingers crossed I'll be able to get back into posting more often and hopefully joining in again with Sky Watch Friday.

Oh and you may notice as some of the photos of Callum the child and Dash the Dog progress that the dog's size seems to get bigger, turns out that Dash is just like Callum in the "doesn't stop growing" syndrome.

Callum at Pirates Grove, Paradise Wildlife Park

Callum at Pirates Grove, Paradise Wildlife Park

Callum and Dash Playing with toy cars

Cuddles are the best!

Callum loves getting wet

Unlike poor Dash

Now I always thought nothing would be harder to photograph than my son Callum, the boy doesn't even keep still in his sleep but alas I've been proved wrong. Yes the dog is harder to photograph. Well correction he is now, when he was much younger he loved posing but now he either wants to lick the camera or bark and growl at it. I can't even sneak up on him when he is sleeping and the dog and child photo I so dearly want still alludes me. I will just have to perservere I think or I will have to see about those photographers that do child and pet photos, if I can find a link one of the photography magazines the other month had an article about them, fantastic shots!

See how well behaved he is here, if only that was all the time. It's been interesting seeing how Dash has grown and changed, much like it has with Callum. With Dash he's now getting those springer spaniel spots they are so famous for having and his puppy fur is becoming thicker. His jumping is also becoming higher. As was told to us by our vet (but we knew anyway) he is an intelligent breed of dog and is taking well to training I only wish I could train Callum as well. lol.

Well that is enough rambling I'll leave with a few more photos.

Thank you for visiting and as always my photos can be seen on my flickr photostream, just follow the link.

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